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Pecan Toffee

Milk Pecan Toffee

Pink Himalayan Salt Caramel

Dark Pink Himalayan Salt Caramel

Peach Tea Truffle

Milk Peach Tea Truffle

Peanut Butter Banana

Milk Peanut Butter Banana

Mint Tea Truffle

Dark Mint Tea Truffle

Dark Almond Toffee

Dark Almond Toffee

Blood Orange Caramel

Dark Blood Orange Caramel

The Collection - No 1

INSPIRATION: We have always wondered why some collections have those pieces in it that you poke your finger through the bottom and then leave in the box? For our collection, each piece was specifically created for this assortment - no 'fillers'. We started with a rather unique peanut butter piece – with a crunchy banana chip on top – then chose our favorite two toffee pieces, two favorite tea infused truffles and two favorite caramels. Who would have thought Blood Orange and Mint Tea would end up in the same collection? That's the point – kind of 'twisted' but delicious

Collection Includes:

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