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Rose Tea Truffle

Milk Rose Tea Truffle

Hibiscus Tea Truffle

Dark Hibiscus Tea Truffle

Lemon Tea Truffle

Dark Lemon Tea Truffle

Earl Grey Tea Truffle

Dark Earl Grey Tea Truffle

Lavendar Tea Truffle

Milk Lavendar Tea Truffle

Mint Tea Truffle

Dark Mint Tea Truffle

Peach Tea Truffle

Milk Peach Tea Truffle

Tea Truffles - No 3

INSPIRATION: Pairing a memorable ganache, premium chocolate and the exotic flavors of premium tea required lots of taste tests, tweaks and enhancements. Our goal is for you to taste an exquisite truffle and slowly experience the multiple layers of flavor of the tea. We finish each piece with a special garnish – including a candied Hibiscus flower, dried rose petal, candied lemon, dried peach, dried Earl Grey tea leaves, dried Lemon Verbena, spearmint leaves and peppermint for the mint tea truffle and lavender sanding sugar to help add some elements of crunch for the lavender truffle. Each garnish was meticulously researched and sourced from artisan producers around the world.

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