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Peppermint Toffee - No 6

Natural Peppermint and Butter Toffee- the best of both worlds ...right?


After thinking about all of the amazing holiday confections we have crafted over the years, we took our knowledge and expertise from each creation and put it all together to create the first ever, Peppermint Toffee.  Natural peppermint oil is infused into our butter toffee, dipped in dark chocolate and hand sprinkled with natural candy cane.  As a tribute to the hard work in crafting this piece, we only make a few batches each year.  Once it’s gone, it’s gone!


INSPIRATION: Each holiday season we make various peppermint topped confections – and plenty of Almond Butter toffee.  One year we decided to mix the two together to see what happens.  Just as we suspected – we loved it. 

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