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Caramel Collection - No 4

INSPIRATION: Working with caramel is one of the highlights of our jobs. We have spent decades crafting caramels in all shapes and sizes, with copper kettles, an open flame and lots of love. Thinking outside of the box, we wanted to pair an exotic flavor with our signature caramel. We started with the idea of Blood Orange – a unique 'twist' to the popular orange flavor – and fell in love. Passion fruit was the next unique combination we wanted to tackle, followed by the Lime N' Coconut, several Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Caramels with exotic Sea Salts, and then last – but certainly not least – we took one final caramel and used a Tupelo honey as the glucose to caramelize the sugar and added some freshly cooked blackberry puree – and wow – Blackberry Honey was born.

Collection Includes:

Red Alaea Sea Salt Caramel

Milk Red Alaea Sea Salt Caramel

Passion Fruit Caramel

Dark Passion Fruit Caramel

White Lime 'N Coconut Caramel

White Lime 'N Coconut Caramel

Cyrpus Flake Salt Caramel

Milk Cyrpus Flake Salt Caramel

Pink Himalayan Salt Caramel

Dark Pink Himalayan Salt Caramel

Blood Orange Caramel

Dark Blood Orange Caramel

Blackberry Honey Caramel

Dark Blackberry Honey Caramel

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